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High-definition LED digital display with advanced technology and beautiful design

>>Users can enter a confidential password

>>The unique anti-tilt, anti-smashing, self-locking function and integrated electronic lock, leading the new revolution of safe technology

>>Designed with coffee gold and champagne gold, it is novel and generous, leading the new trend of safe color

>>External four AA batteries can be used for emergency opening

>>Enter the wrong password three times, the buzzer alarm and the keyboard are automatically locked for three minutes.

Strengthen protection:

>>The use of reinforced 42*28mm solid chrome-plated steel bolt, three-sided bolting, use more assured

>>The thickness of the box is 5mm, the thickness of the door is 5mm, the thickness of the door is 10mm, and it is stronger.

>>Equipped with high-sensitivity alarm, the alarm will automatically alarm when the cabinet is damaged by external force or abnormally opened.

Drawers: 2

Power: 47W

Volume: 105L

Related tags:防潮保险柜

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