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Principle and specific introduction of electronic moisture proof cabinet-中山市艾励特电器发展旺旺彩票

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Principle and specific introduction of electronic moisture proof cabinet-中山市艾励特电器发展旺旺彩票

Release date:2017-11-02 Author:AILITE Click:

1. The electronic moisture-proof cabinet host adopts chemical polymer to refer to the desiccant. The dryer absorbs the moisture in the moisture-proof cabinet through physical action, and then the water in the desiccant is turned into water vapor by the operation of the electronic components in the cabinet. The desiccant can then be recycled and continue to absorb moisture.

2. The electronic moisture-proof cabinet manufacturer adopts the principle of semiconductor condensation and moisture absorption. The air is cooled by the operation of the semiconductor movement, compressed to a special absorbent body and then evaporated to the outside of the box. The power consumption is larger than that of the chemical reagent memory alloy. The effect of dehumidification is relatively slow, and it is easy to regain moisture due to power failure during dehumidification. The advantage is that the humidity can be accurately controlled, no noise, and the heat is fine.

3. The electronic moisture-proof cabinet adopts nitrogen dehumidification to pass nitrogen into the moisture-proof cabinet, and the air with original moisture inside the moisture-proof cabinet is discharged out of the cabinet.


Moisture proof box definition

Moisture-proof box manufacturers use various dehumidification technologies to effectively reduce the humidity inside the cabinet, so as to achieve moisture, mildew, anti-oxidation, anti-rust, anti-micro-wet absorption and so on.

Moisture-proof box introduction

The International Camera Industry Association points out that molds stop growing when the temperature is below 10 °C or below 60% RH. And precious lenses, cameras, expensive instruments, samples or bloody crystals are destroyed by the dampness, so using a moisture-proof box to store precious items is your best choice.

A good electronic drying oven has no fan, no noise, no moisture, no frost, no heat effect. You can set the humidity yourself. Prevention is better than cure. Make sure that photographic equipment, lenses, telescopes, photos, film, etc. are protected from mold. Value for money.

Quickly dehumidify with a simple sealed plastic case, but with two major drawbacks:

1. It will quickly absorb the water in your moisture-proof box to less than 10%. Too low humidity (usually less than 30%) can cause the organic matter on the camera to be degummed and cracked due to excessive drying, such as rubber, leather, etc.; for a long time, the lubricating oil in the mechanical part will dry up. Mold can grow at a humidity of 60%, and explosive growth occurs between 70% and 90%. Therefore, the minimum humidity of the camera should be kept below 40%, the maximum should not exceed 60%, and 40% to 50% is optimal.

2. Some moisture absorption absorbing agents contain calcium chloride. After hydrolysis, calcium chloride is hydrolyzed, and a small amount of chlorine gas will shed. The chlorine gas is highly oxidizing and easily corrodes the equipment. In addition, the use of this desiccant should also pay attention to a point: after a long time, there will be a certain amount of liquid in the desiccant container, be careful not to knock down, otherwise it will never dry in the camera!

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