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Which products are suitable for intelligent moisture-proof cabinets?-中山市艾励特电器发展旺旺彩票

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Which products are suitable for intelligent moisture-proof cabinets?-中山市艾励特电器发展旺旺彩票

Release date:2017-09-21 Author:AILITE Click:

First, the product features:

1. The intelligent moisture-proof cabinet adopts the latest special materials in the world to dehumidify the principle of condensation. It has dehumidification fast, dehumidification takes effect in 1-3 hours, and reaches ultra-low humidity RH25%-50%. No need for empty box preset operation, power can be absorbed, control knob adjustment, constant humidity and no fault.

2. Special dehumidification module, no compressor, no fan, quiet and no noise, no heat effect, uniform RH value in the cabinet.

3. The cabinet adopts DC input, which consumes less power, saves energy and is environmentally friendly, and has no leakage danger, so that the storage is protected from high voltage and electric leakage and potential danger of fire.

4. It has the storage function of moisture-proof, anti-mite, anti-mildew, anti-rust, anti-deterioration, dustproof, etc. It is the storage method with the lowest cost of preserving items.


Second, the applicable parameters

Relative humidity RH% ideal for storing objects

45% - 55% camera, lens, photo, negative, CD, painting, antique, camera, coin, stamp, leather goods, CD, semiconductor products, tape, design drawings, musical instruments, microscope

35%-45% precision instruments, electrical and electronic supplies, measuring tools, precision molds, semi-conductive slides, capacitors, batteries, optical coatings and components, light sources, printed circuit boards, precision bearings, crystals, EL,

15% - various research reagents, sample specimens, seeds, dried pollen and

35% spices, snacks, coffee, dry foods, chemical powders, tobacco, tea, herbs, chemical powders, filters

<15% special chemicals, precision electronic parts, BGA, LCD

Performance description:

1. Humidity sensor accuracy <8%RH measurement range 10-99% RH

2. Ambient temperature 0-50 ° C

3. The meter responds quickly and recovers quickly after immersion or condensation.

4. Fully intertwined, less affected by temperature, long-term stability and reliability, is the most advanced control instrument.

Fourth, the use of guidance

1. Place a stable cabinet, the back of the cabinet is about 5-10cm away from the wall and objects. Adjust the adjustable feet and laminates as required.

2. The type of power hidden model can be plugged in by simply plugging the AC plug. Insert the rectified power plug to place the storage in the moisture-proof cabinet at the same time.

3. After starting the machine, adjust the optimal constant humidity value of the storage (refer to the common parameter expression). At this time, the movement equipment in the cabinet starts to work, and the humidity in the cabinet is gradually discharged.

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