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What should be paid attention to in the smart moisture-proof box?-中山市艾励特电器发展旺旺彩票

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What should be paid attention to in the smart moisture-proof box?-中山市艾励特电器发展旺旺彩票

Release date:2017-09-21 Author:AILITE Click:

The electronic intelligent moisture-proof cabinet has a wide range of applications, including household electronic intelligent moisture-proof box and industrial intelligent moisture-proof box, which can be used in image data, photographic equipment, digital electronic products, stamps, high-end collectibles, electronic chips, silicon electromagnetic, medicine Most products such as optical products, such as optical products, and solar energy industry, electronics industry, university research institutes, etc., need to be stored in smart moisture-proof boxes. The following are simple installation and use:


1. The intelligent moisture-proof cabinet must be placed on a level, solid surface.

2. Place the partition inside the box, the height can be adjusted according to the storage items.

3. There is a certain space on the back of the smart moisture-proof box, which must be more than 5CM from the wall or other items.

4. Do not place in the direction of airflow, such as air conditioning outlets, high temperature places.

5. Do not place in direct sunlight.

6. Do not place in the place of smoke or water vapor.

7. Connect all power cords in the order of the numbers on the power plug, then plug in the power (220V/50HZ).

8. Humidity can be set to adjust the "UP" and "DOWN" buttons (different brands of smart moisture-proof box buttons, need to pay attention), adjust the humidity to the required value.

9. After the first power-on and re-use after a long period of use, the tank should be operated for more than 12 hours, and the humidity should be reduced to a lower level.

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