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What are the steps in the intelligent moisture-proof cabinet?-中山市艾励特电器发展旺旺彩票

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What are the steps in the intelligent moisture-proof cabinet?-中山市艾励特电器发展旺旺彩票

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First, the connection pipeline: behind the intelligent moisture-proof cabinet console, there is a set of regenerative circulation pipelines, which are labeled with “regeneration gas inlet” and “regeneration gas out” respectively. Connect the air inlet pipe to the binary gas cylinder (pressure reducing valve), extend the air outlet pipe to a well ventilated place (here will discharge binary gas and a small amount of water). 2. Operate on the control panel, close the cycle, keep the vacuum pump open, enter Set the menu and click Regenerate.

Regeneration takes 16 hours and is divided into the following stages:


1. Click 00:00-00:02 within 2 minutes after regeneration to complete the test, and make sure the pipeline is clear. At this stage, the valve will open automatically. Please check if there is any incoming or outgoing. 00:02-00:05 The valve is closed and the air supply is stopped.

2. From the 5th minute to the 3rd hour 00:05-03:00, the system will automatically start heating the purification column.

3. In the next 2.5 hours, that is, 03:00-05:30 is the main stage of regeneration. At 03:00, the console valve will automatically open and open the binary gas. Adjust the pressure reducing valve to keep the flow rate of 20L/ Min or so. At this stage, it needs to be taken care of, the flow will fluctuate, and the intelligent moisture-proof cabinet adjusts the pressure-reducing valve to control the flow in time (it is better to use a pressure-reducing valve that can precisely control the flow).

4. At the end of this phase of 05:30, the gas valve is closed, the pressure reducing valve is closed, and the binary cylinder can be removed during the period from 05:30 to 16:00, and the heating of the purification column is also stopped without any operation. Do not open the loop.

5. After the regeneration is completed after 16:00, the loop can be opened.

Note: 1. It is necessary to strictly follow the above-mentioned time period for on-off gas. The gas valves described above are all automatic gas valves in the intelligent moisture-proof cabinet console. Manually adjust the pressure reducing valve to cooperate with the above process.

2. If the regeneration operation is not entered after pressing the regeneration button, confirm that the cycle has been closed and the vacuum pump has been turned on as required. If not resolved, try to enter the password 1979.

3. All times are based on the time displayed on the control panel. The step1 and step2 displayed on the control panel do not necessarily correspond to the opening and closing of the air valve. For example, if the panel displays from step 2 to step 3 at 02:00, the valve does not open automatically, and the air cylinder ventilation flow meter is also open. No change, this is normal, please wait until 03:00.

4. It is a normal phenomenon that the water oxygen content rises during the regeneration process. Since it cannot be inflated, please do not operate the intelligent moisture-proof cabinet to avoid the pressure drop. At 16:00 after the end of regeneration, the cycle will start to be cleaned as soon as possible. If it is in the middle of the night, no one will stay, and the next day will be opened.

5. There is a purification column in the intelligent moisture-proof cabinet dedicated to adsorbing organic solvents. The capacity of the purification column is limited. Try to avoid the use of organic solvents in the intelligent moisture-proof cabinet for cleaning.

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